Mural by Hannah Taylor

Theda Bara

Theda Bara was an American silent-film star and the first screen vamp to lure men to their destruction. Her films set the vogue for sophisticated sexual themes in motion pictures and made her an international symbol of daring new freedom. (1885-1955)


1727 Snyder Ave originated as a silent motion picture house, opening in 1919 as The Becker Theatre, later renamed the Bloomberg Theatre. In 1926 the seating capacity expanded and the space re-opened as the Venice Theatre. Film screenings ultimately shuttered in 1952 and the room became a catering and banquet hall for the years to come.  

Newbold Exchange

Newbold Exchange opened in 2021 as South Philadelphia’s newest coworking space with private desks, floating workspaces and offices available to the community. The space has two distinct conference rooms plus the Stadium Annex, which can accommodate speaking events for up to 75 people. Monthly members have 24/7 access to the building and Ultimo Coffee is on tap every day.